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To encourage a tobacco-free environment at Emory, Human Resources, Campus Life and Campus Services are working together to manage issues as they arise and increase compliance campus-wide. Several strategies are being employed to eliminate abuse.

Please remember that Emory’s commitment to a tobacco-free campus must be supported and embraced by all those who live and work here.

What can you do to help?

Make a Plan to Quit. If you currently use tobacco, Emory can help you kick the habit. Several tobacco cessation resources are available to you at no cost, such as classes, support, medications, and more.

Be respectful of the policy. Truly consider what having a tobacco-free campus means. If you use tobacco, please show your respect for our community by not smoking on (or closely nearby) campus. Smoking on sidewalks or across the street is clearly not in the “spirit” of the policy. Openly smoking in these areas sends a message of disrespect to fellow faculty, staff and students in the Emory community.

Show pride in our campus. Emory is ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses nationwide and we are fortunate to work in such a picturesque environment. When Emory became tobacco-free, receptacles were removed to discourage smoking on campus. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground damages the environment and greatly diminishes the beauty of our campus. It also has a substantial impact on our maintenance staff who work so hard to keep our campus clean and beautiful.

Be safe. Throwing butts into bushes or smoking in wooded areas is a serious fire hazard. Please exercise safety and respect the policy by not smoking on campus.

Report hot spots. Tobacco use that is still occurring on campus is often localized in certain areas (hot spots). We are continuing to monitor known hot spots and are staffing regular patrols. If you notice an area of concern, you can report the activity anonymously online. Additional signage may be added to those locations where smoking is reported to still be an issue.

Remind others that smoking is not allowed on our campus. Sample scripts and videos (see resources below) are designed to help you approach smokers and inform them of the policy. Tobacco-free cards are also available and provide a non-confrontational way to approach tobacco users (see below).



Sample scripts to assist students, faculty and staff in approaching smokers on campus have been developed. Click here to download.



Enforcement is everyone’s responsibility. If you notice a regular pattern of smoking (someone continuing to smoke in a tobacco-free area), you can anonymously report this activity online at